Why Hunting Dogs Should Always Wear Tracking Collars

November 6, 2017

If you do a lot of hunting, and you are using dogs to help you, it’s important to put a tracking collar on your dog. They are often referred to as: global positioning collars for hunting dogs

Even though you may have a dog that is highly skilled, and returns often, there might be times when the dog will not be able to come back to your location. Regardless of the reasoning, it’s important to use tracking collars just to make sure that you will be able to find your dog if they cannot find you. Here are some of the top reasons why hunting dogs should wear tracking collars if you are serious about hunting and keeping your dog safe.

The Safety Of The Dog

Hunters that are going after large game such as bears should always have a tracking collar on their dog. There is always the possibility that the dog may become subdued. They may come to close to the bear, especially if it is a female bear that has cubs, which is particularly dangerous. If they do this, and they are hurt, they will not be able to find their way back to you. The tracking collar will allow you to zero in on their location, and provide them with the assistance that will be necessary. Although it is probable that your dog will never have a dangerous situation like this, it’s always good to be prepared.

Rugged Terrain

Another problem that hunters will have the theory using dogs is that there could be rugged terrain, something that may confuse the dog in regard to your location. For example, if you are in the woods, and it is wide open, the dog will be able to see you from quite a distance. However, if they run off after something, bounding over hills, they may get lost in their pursuit of the sent they have picked up. If they do become lost, you will be able to find them with the tracking device that you have attached to their collar.

Tracking collars are always a good addition to the arsenal of tools that you will have when you do hunting. Even the best trained dog is going to get lost from time to time, and this will prevent that from becoming a problem. Tracking collars can be very effective at finding your animal. As long as they can triangulate with three satellites in space, they will be able to pinpoint their location. It is an added expense, but if you do care about your dog, this is something that you should consider investing in for safety purposes.

Where to Learn Dog Training

November 6, 2017

Having a dog in your home is one of the pleasures that many of us appreciate about life. They provide constant companionship and a level of love that most of us don’t experience outside of that relationship. That being said, there are also times when a dog can be difficult and they may not necessarily fit into the family, just because they are not trained properly. With a little bit of training on your part, you can understand how to teach your dog everything from basic obedience to social skills.

The problem that many people face is not on the part of their dog, it is in their own abilities. It is one thing to say that you are going to teach your dog how to sit, stay or come on command but it is quite another to follow through and do it with skill. That is where your own, personal training comes into play. The following are some of the options for learning dog training and once you understand the basics, your dog can learn the basics as well.

Local Classes – One of the most popular options for many people is to visit a local class and teach their dog in a group atmosphere. As long as you have a teacher that is experienced and understand how to deal with this type of group appropriately, it can be of real benefit. At the same time, taking your dog out to a training session every week can be a real hassle and you need to train them on their terms, not on your own. It can work, but it is not the only option available.

Use a Book – There is no end to the resource books available for how to train your dog. Many of them tend to focus on the specifics that your dog will need, but they can help to train you at the same time. A local bookstore should provide an endless variety of options and when you choose one that is right for your needs and follow through with it, it can work quite well. Then again, this option is somewhat antiquated and can take some time to implement.

Online Classes – There are also online classes available, some of which are interactive and provide a lot of one-on-one training. This is an option that should not be overlooked because it is convenient and effective. These types of classes generally are expensive, but they can provide you with a well-rounded understanding of dog training techniques.

Free Videos – One other option to consider are free videos online. You may be able to find some that will help you understand how to train your dog properly but you also need to weed through those that don’t work quite so well. It can be time-consuming but rewarding.

These are a few options for learning how to train your dog. When you understand the basics and follow through with your own training, your dog will follow suit.

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Training ANY DOG The Basic Way

September 28, 2017

This is very interesting for those who are looking for tips on how they can teach their dogs to do the high five, sit, roll over or other basic dog tricks!

Some dogs are hyper which is really exciting to work with as hyper dogs are dogs that are intelligent. Dogs are being taught using hand signals, they are responsive with exaggerated body language and by giving them treats once they accomplish the trick.

It is important that you really love working with your dogs and you know how to get their attention. The best bonding that you could really give them is the companionship and love that they deserve.